Dashboard Dark Mode | 🚀 Launched

I did not get any hits when searching for “dark mode”

I would like to request a way to toggle on a dark mode or at least something other than a white background for https://dashboard.adamnet.works/ if possible.

This is coming soon. It will be connected to your operating system’s setting, so if you are using dark mode in your operating system you will get dark mode on the dashboard.


Dark mode is here! if your operating system is set to use dark mode, you should be now get a dark mode interface on the dashboard.

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So where is this setting done?

It is connected to your operating system’s theme. If you change your operating system between light and dark mode, the dashboard should reflect that automatically. Depending on what operating system and browser you are using, you may need to restart the browser to see the new effect.

Looks great! Thank you and the team for the effort and reduced eyestrain.