Dashboard Device List Discrepancies

Is anyone seeing issues with how the devices are showing up in the device list? One MAC address will show multiple IP addresses, mislabelled names on known devices, names showing up in lists that you didn’t put them in, etc… Devices with two NICs are obviously not an issue, but other than that, what are you all seeing?

This isn’t a question for the adam tech support team, just a poll from real life users.

I have experienced issues with most if not all of the ones you have mentioned.

Where does the dashboard receive the information from? Does it get it from PFSense? Then it should be accurate since PFSense is accurate. Or does it go out beyond the PFSense and discover the network on its own?

I have done quite a bit of diagnosing myself and in each instant the PFSense & my Unifi Controller will display the same Hostname while the dashboard will show a different hostname.

Regarding the Single MAC with Multiple IP addresses, how is it possible for an IOT device on its own isolated VLAN, to receive an IP Address from a totally different VLAN (also isolated)? This even goes as far as the device submitting an unblock request, but when checking the back-end on which device actually made the unblock request, the logs showed it was a legitimate request but from a totally different IP address.

Yes I see many of these. Multiple IP addresses though I only have one bold one, the others are normal font, so I assume they were IP addresses that were previously used, with the bold on being the currently used one.

I also notice that it seems to get devices in the wrong group because in my case adamOne is not reliably identifying all MAC addresses when DTTS is running. This means that if you are running DHCP then in those cases where it cannot identify the MAC address, it assumes it is the same device as the one that previously had that IP address, which is not always true. Hence it can show up in the wrong group.

Pfsense in every case always has the correct MAC address, (in the ARP table) but AdamOne does not, so I assume it is not getting it from pfesne.

I have noticed that my hostnames get mixed up quite a lot in Adamnet… But other then that it seems to work pretty good. I like that it shows previous Ip addresses so I can flag people trying to try and get internet access by trying and changing their Ip addresses