Dashboard error

I am new to the forums, but have been using Gateway Management with my ClearOS box for a couple of years.
Suddenly when I log in to the Dashboard I am getting this message at the top page.
“Your network seems to be working correctly, but we’ve detected that you’re accessing this dashboard from somewhere else. Contact support if you believe this to be incorrect.”
I have see this message before when I access the Gateway Management from outside of my network, but never from within. Now every device inside my network gives me this message and I am unable to get to Mytools section to see if sites are being block or see the traffic. How can I fix this?

Im getting the same message, I did put in a support ticket but not resolved yet.

Thanks for letting me know. Could you post an update when you do hear back from them?

That message should be gone for you now. It was actually an issue with the Dashboard.

Thanks for asking about it.

Thanks Arthur. I confirmed that it is gone. For future reference, it’s there a method I can use to submit a ticket?

Happy holidays!

Hi @Ken_Frederick yes on the bottom of your dashboard is a “Send feedback” link which will open up a ticket. Merry Christmas and thanks for using the support forums!