Debit/Credit Card Machine

Has anybody setup a debit/credit card machine on their network? The only way we can get one to work, is by turning on the “Bypass DTTS” enabler for the policy that the device is on. I am assuming it is trying to connect directly to an IP address but how do we know what that IP is? There is also no traffic showing up on the log. I am not comfortable bypassing DTTS if we can find a different solution.

Hi @E_Waldner
It should be possible to see what is getting blocked by going to and selecting “Traffic Log”.
You’ll probably want to filter the noise by entering source_ip:X.X.X.X for the IP address of the payment device.

Then a custom enabler rule can be created for what the device needs. It most cases they only need domains whitelisted though. What company is your system with?

The system was supplied by TD.

The “Traffic Log” does not display anything. Does it need to be enabled somewhere? “Domain Log” shows logs for other devices but, the device in question does not show up in “Domain Log” and “Traffic Log” doesn’t show anything. Not even for the devices that show up in “Domain Log”.

Does the device have a static IP or is it using DHCP? If static make sure it’s DNS is set to the router IP.
With the traffic log open, reboot the device. As most of it’s queries will happen on boot.

We did give it a static IP and set the dns to router IP. Should the traffic log not show traffic from any device? We are not getting any logs in traffic log…

If the traffic monitor doesn’t show anything it’s possible that it’s disabled.
Check your /usr/local/etc/adamone/anmuscle.conf file and see if it contains disable-packet-monitor.
If so remove it and restart the muscle using the command service restart

Or alternatively run the command adamone-setup conf which will reset the config file to the current defaults which includes packet monitoring.

Also what version of adam:ONE are you currently using? Ideally you’d be on v4.9.1.

Bill Miller setup our traffic log so now we can keep an eye on the traffic and build an enabler for the IP address’ required.
Thanks for your help.