Devices missing from list

I had an issue where a new device connected however I could not see it in the dashboard.

I ended up using a different PC and was able to see it.

When I went back to the original PC I still could not see it. Logging in and out did nothing but clearing the browser cache worked.

I am using Firefox FYI

I’ve seen lots of other cache issues with dashboard but this one was a massive issue because an important meeting was stopped due to me not being able to move the device to a different profile.

@tfernandez what I would be curious to know is what you saw (or maybe you still can go check) when going to from the affected PC.
Because the symptom you describe is normally due to the device being behind a NAT router or a bridge that has an ARP proxy.

Going to did indeed show everything exactly how I expected. It was strictly a cache thing, it seems.

I even saw that the affected device was on the default policy, but I could not change it.

If this is still the case, can you send an email to with the MAC address of the device so we can verify where the issue might be.

Unfortunately, after clearing the browser cache, I was able to see the device.

What was interesting was that logging out and back in did not fix the issue.

I have that fairly often, but I just refresh the page and I see what I’m looking for. Even if I am clicking other things in the dashboard, it doesn’t load up any changes until I actually click to refresh the screen.

Sometimes the cache does need to be cleared though. I’ve seen where even after a refresh the device won’t show. Only clearing the cache solves it.

This should not be needed, so this is something I will need to try to replicate. What web browsers are you experiencing this with?

I’ve only tested with Firefox. What was strange was that when it happened, I had previously had 2 other new devices show up in the list with no issues. Just the 3rd device did not appear.

The third device was connected to both WiFi and Ethernet and neither appeared

Brave browser. For me it usually happens when I’m trying to add a new device. The device will properly load the mytools page and show its ID, but the dashboard will not.

Victor, when you say adding a new device, are you referring to connecting a new device to the network? After it’s been connected for a minute or so, are you reloading the dashboard to get the current list of devices?

Correct. I’ve had it happen maybe 4 times where even after 5 minutes or so of being connected, and refreshing the dashboard, it still didn’t show.