Devices not shown in dashboard

I added new devices to my network and AdamOne is not picking them up. I need to be able to assign the devices to different policies and I do not see them in the device list. What to do?

Hi @GerardW, it’s possible that you don’t have layer 2 between the devices in question and the adam:ONE gateway.
To check this, on the device itself go to and see what it shows as the MAC address and IP. If it does not match what you know to be it’s true MAC/IP then this means there is a layer 3 router in between the device and the adam:ONE gateway.

I always have my Dashboard up and there are a lot of times that things don’t show up for me because the page is already loaded. When I refresh my page, they show up in my default policy list. At least for me it’s that simple because I have a really small setup that I’m working with.

Hi again.

I checked the settings you mentioned and for this PC it is correct. These are new devices I added to the LAN last month and it is not very easy to move the devices between policies without seeing the device name.