Devices periodically receiving incorrect policy treatment

We are randomly experiencing issues were a random device’s assigned policy would be changed to the policy that is set as the default policy (holding tank) within my dashboard.

It seams when this happens the muscle no longer receives commands from the brain. I say this because if I’m correct when saying “the device receives the default (hold tank policy) treatment” and i add a domain to a rule within the holding tank policy, that new updated rule is never applied. There is no signs of the device receiving a different treatment from the dashboard. However, when observing the logs you can clearly see its not receiving the correct treatment.

When this occurs, you literally can’t do anything. The devices’ state is frozen. The only way I have been able to bandage this issue is by restarting the adam:ONE service from the PFsense gui.

I would be curious to know if anyone else has been experiencing this issue.

Hi William, we noticed this happening sporadically yesterday and deployed a patch around 16:00 EDT that mitigates this issue.
If you had it happen since restarting the service today please run the adamone-issue command and send the file to and include a link to this forum post for reference.
As far as we know this was sporadically happening yesterday but should now be resolved.

@williamhofer thanks for reporting this, it was resolved in 3.4.22, available in Rapid Release.