DHCP DOMAIN getting attached to AAAA records?


I’ve noticed that the domain name set in the DHCP is being attached to the AAAA records?

This is causing some devices to think that they are not connected to the internet such as:

Is there a way to avoid this behavior?

Hey @edanpedragosa this is a normal Windows thing to do. See networking - Windows Appending Domain Suffix To All Lookups - Server Fault for example. It appears the Synology might be doing something similar but that would not prevent it from working. I can’t tell from the screenshot but perhaps a domain it’s attempting to query is resolving to a private IP?

It appears that synology got confused which link to connect to after getting a different IP via DHCP when plugging in another cable to the LAN.

It got resolved after bonding the interfaces for link aggregation.

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