Diagnosing problems with websites

Is a website only loading partially? You can use the domain log to troubleshoot it.

First, turn on domain logging permission on your device by:

  • Logging in to your dashboard
  • Click on the devices link.
  • Find the device you are on and click edit.
  • Change logging to either “View all” or “View own”.
  • Visit http://mytools.management and click on “Domain Log”. Within a few minutes, your device should be authorized and log entries should appear.

The domain log shows you in real-time host names that are being accessed on your network and whether or not they are allowed or not. For a site that isn’t displaying quite right, you can see the various domains that are being blocked. The “Rule Applied” column shows why domains are treated the way they are.

If a domain is being blocked by a blacklist, remove it from that blacklist.

If a domain is being blocked by a whitelist, there should be an airplane icon next to the rule. Click on it to send an unblock request. From your dashboard you can then approve the unblock requests.

Thank you @arthur

You guided me to fix quite a few skeleton websites, as I call them