DNSharmony® Beta Test Program Launch

Today is 28 September 2020. And, as promised, something special is happening today…

We are SO excited to announce the DNSharmony® Beta Program! We now have DNSh running in our labs so its time to reach out to the community to join us in experimenting with the power and flexibility that Threat Intelligence Aggregation brings to users.

So much has changed since our original conception of DNSh and we are working to getting our DNSharmony® landing page updated to get you all the details. But the core still remains true to the original dream:

  1. Use multiple resolvers of your own choice to combine their power by aggregating the threat intelligence they contain.
  2. Release this to the world for FREE!
  3. Open Source the Code to allow you to look under the hood.

To fulfil step 1 of our plan, we are looking for test users to join the Beta Test Program. If you’re a nice person (absolutely required:-) and love to tinker with technology that changes the world we’d like to connect with you. You would be required to be able to run a separate test network in your environment since we don’t like having nice people be without internet when bugs decide to show up. We’ll be primarily focussing on pfSense as a platform to start but the other platforms are following.

To apply for joining the Beta Test Community you can navigate to this Application Form.

Looking forward to working with you guys on something amazing.
– ADAMnetworks™ team

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