DTTS not catching cloudflare sites

How does a site like this https://www.virustotal.com/gui/domain/script.crazyegg.com/relations make it through gateway managment with DTTS turned on? How can I stop these?

I this channel monitored - it indicates it’s a “support” route? crickets…

What exactly is this? Maybe it’s making dns queries…

I guess but its bad - the relationship tab on virustotal shows it’s really a trojan and dialer sending links to all sorts of connections.

hey @plbr, if you have an issue you can reach the support team via support@adamnet.works as well.
This forum is for community support but if you’re a paying customer feel free to contact them.

As for your question, all you’d have to do is remove script.crazyegg.com from your whitelist or add it to a blacklist in order to block it.
The domain is not marked as malicious with any threat intelligence services that I’m aware. On VirusTotal it’s saying some malicious scripts are/were hosted there but the domain itself is not bad, in fact used for a lot of legitimate purposes.
So it’s not going to be blocked by default with adam:ONE.