Enable your reporting dashboard

With version 3.2 and later of the on-premise resolver software, you can now enjoy varying levels of reporting depending on your plan. Here’s now to start enjoying it:

  1. Confirm (or upgrade) to 3.2 which is being rolled out on our supported platforms:
  • ASUS – supported
  • pfSense – supported
  • ClearOS – available on beta with this command at your shell:
    yum upgrade adamone --enablerepo=clearos-contribs-paid-testing,clearos-contribs-testing

You can confirm your status by making sure the last 3 digits in the running version on the router page of your dashboard end in 3.2.0 or later like this:

  1. Turn on logging in your dashboard -> Router -> Enable logging like this:

  2. Enjoy the reporting dashboard, which will report data for periods when logging was enabled: