Error updating Shell Output - /usr/local/bin/adamone-upgrade test

Is this something to be worried about?


Hi @edanpedragosa this will happen if the pkg command is outdated on pfSense®. You probably have a firmware update you need to install, if not re-install the upgrade packages using the steps listed in their troubleshooting document under “Library Errors”.
This is not an error related to adam:ONE but package updates are of course impacted.

I did not update PFSENSE yet since:

No available packages to update here too:

I forced downgraded pkg and it is working again now.

pkg-static install -f pkg

Installed packages to be DOWNGRADED:
        pkg: 1.19.1_1 -> 1.18.4_4 [pfSense]

That’s great, the official command to run when you have these symptoms according to the link I shared earlier is:

pkg-static clean -ay; pkg-static install -fy pkg pfSense-repo pfSense-upgrade

In your case all you needed was pkg so that’s great.


the previous work-around no longer works…

Hey @edanpedragosa
So pfSense® 23.09 ws just released which means your pkg will be broken until you upgrade to it.

I see, it seems like I’m in the middle of them pushing the updates to clients.

Updating now to latest now.

Update: It’s working great again!

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Everything seems working fine on our network after updating to the latest PFSENSE 23.09-RELEASE but the dashboard somehow says Unknown status and the routers are offline.

Any idea?

Can you try signing out of the Dashboard and back in and see if that fixes the status for you?

Yes, the signing out and signing back in fixed it…
This is the first time I need to do that but as long as it worked, I’m okay with it.
Thanks again for the tip.