Error updating Shell Output - /usr/local/bin/adamone-upgrade test

Is this something to be worried about?


Hi @edanpedragosa this will happen if the pkg command is outdated on pfSense®. You probably have a firmware update you need to install, if not re-install the upgrade packages using the steps listed in their troubleshooting document under “Library Errors”.
This is not an error related to adam:ONE but package updates are of course impacted.

I did not update PFSENSE yet since:

No available packages to update here too:

I forced downgraded pkg and it is working again now.

pkg-static install -f pkg

Installed packages to be DOWNGRADED:
        pkg: 1.19.1_1 -> 1.18.4_4 [pfSense]

That’s great, the official command to run when you have these symptoms according to the link I shared earlier is:

pkg-static clean -ay; pkg-static install -fy pkg pfSense-repo pfSense-upgrade

In your case all you needed was pkg so that’s great.