Forwarding Rules Order

How do forwarding rules determine which one gets resolved first?

For example, if I have 1 rule “” with subdomains,

And a second rule “” also with subdomains but resolving to another DNS vi the forwarding rule,

Which rule will apply when visiting
From my experience the first rule always applies, and has to be turned off to be able to use the second one.

Hi Victor, the rules take effect in the opposite order that they appear in the Dashboard, so from bottom to the top.

So naming them alphabetically would be the key to solving this?

Currently you would need to name them in reverse alphabetical order (Z would be applied before A). If you rename a rule, you would then need to make a change to the policy to make that updated order apply.

We are considering improvements to allow more customizable order of rules, but we do not yet have a clear plan for this.

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