How to block a domain

To block a domain or service is really quite simple. One of the common requests we receive is to block, whether that’s because of its “instaporn” problem or the fact that Instagram videos now consume more bandwidth than any other service in a public hotspot.

To use this as an example, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a list/rule (if you don’t have one yet):
  2. Log into your dashboard
  3. Go to Manage Rules -> My Rules
  4. Click on “New List” and create one called “List to block” (or your preferred name), and click on “Create list”
  5. Add to the body (where it says “one domain per line”) and click on Save
  6. If you already have a list you wish to add this to, you can simply click on “edit” and add the domain to block
  7. On your dashboard, go to Manage Network -> Policies
  8. In the Policy drop-down, select the one to which this will apply
  9. Finally, make sure that your “List to block” is turned ON, meaning it is effective for that Policy
  10. Repeat the previous step for all Policies for which you want to apply this list