How to block the majority of Google Images

This guide will show you how to block the majority of images being served via Google images.

Create a new blocklist & add the following domains:

Tick the box “Include Subdomains”

Turning this Rule ON in any of your policies with SafeSearch enabled will block all but the first 2 rows of images that google serves. It will also prevent images from populating in the side bar that appears when clicking on an image to view similar images.

Isn’t used to check if you have a connection to the internet?
It shows “connected without internet”

Yeah gstatic is used for a lot of things including serving javascript, CSS.
Chrome and Android use to check if they have an Internet connection.
Overall you’ll experience issues if you block the domains William suggested. But if you just do it on a limited policy that does not have an Android device, and use Brave instead of Chrome, and only allow a limited scope of web sites that don’t use either of those domains, as recently even Canadian Tire was using to load content on their web site, just to say many apparently random sites will be broken so you’ll need to accept a small scope of working web sites when blocking these domains.

Yes, blocking these 2 domains can have some negative implications.

It can be a hit or miss.