How to block YouTube on all platforms

It is no surprise to anyone that YouTube is arguably the largest video-sharing site online. However, along with the good content comes a tremendous amount of objectionable content, not to mention the nightmare videos of children’s YouTube – and what’s wrong with the internet today.

That begs the question of what domains should be blocked for YouTube to be blocked on browsers and apps, including mobile. This list of domains is optimized to minimize side effects on other apps:

Advanced users often ask why not to just block “”, because when subdomains are included, that would include “” and “”. The answer is that “” is used by a variety of Google products for a sort of pass-thru authentication, and our approach of separately blocking minimizes unintended side effects.

There are also additional levels of enforcement by enabling AI Whitelisting and DTTS (Don’t Talk To Strangers) which are both available in the business plans.