How to build a Starter Allow List

By default, the adam:ONE gateway places all devices on a Basic “Black List” policy (allow the whole internet but block the “known” bad) which blocks things like ads, trackers and many other harmful or unwanted domains. However, this still leaves room for scores of zero-day and unknown threats lingering on the internet. So ideally, you will want to move all devices to an Allow Only the Good “White List” policy (block the whole internet but allow only what’s necessary). To avoid as much disruption as possible when moving devices to a White List policy, you can first create a “Starter” whitelist which includes all of the domains most accessed from your network over a set period of time.

Step #1 - Turn on Domain Logging

Dashboard → Router → checkmark the box beside Domain Logging

Step #2 - Export list of “most allowed” domains

After a set period of time (example - 3 months), you’re now ready to print the list of most allowed domain traffic which will not include the known bad domains:

Dashboard → Domains → choose desired network and period of time (top right) → select Most Allowed → click on Export data as CSV

You can now open the .csv file with any spreadsheet app or program.

Step #3 - Use the exported list to create your “Starter” whitelist

Now that you have an exported list of most allowed domains, you can select which ones you wish to copy and paste into a new Starter Whitelist rule.

Dashboard → My Rules → New List → name your new list → choose White List → Create List → paste domains from your exported list → ensure that “Included subdomains” is checked → Save Changes

Step #4 - Activate your new rule (Starter Whitelist) for the applicable white list policies

Don’t forget that new rules and subscriptions are off by default. You will now have to activate them for each policy that they should apply to:

Dashboard → Policies → select the current policy to open the dropdown menu (under Manage Policies) and select the desired policy → click on Mine (top right) → scroll down and turn on the switch beside your new Starter whitelist rule