How to replace your old BoxID with a new one

The BoxID is a globally-unique identifier of an adam:ONE® muscle instance and is displayed during the installation of adam:ONE® on all supported platforms.

In the event that hardware or virtual machines are swapped out for replacement hardware, even on another platform, all your dashboard rules and policies can remain intact by simply adding a new Box ID and removing the old one.

In many cases this affects your billing, so to avoid any pro-rated charges the the following steps:

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to Billing
  3. Navigate to the network you’re changing
  4. Click on “Add router” and specify your new BoxID
  5. Enable the new BoxID
  6. Disable the old BoxID
  7. Select Next (for billing steps)
  8. Select Continue (to confirm summary)
  9. Delete/Trash the old BoxID (which is now in a disabled state)

If you experience any technical problems with the above steps, email us at