How to run Rapid Release version

adam:ONE® is available in two tracks to the general public:

  • Rapid Release, contains bug fixes, new functionality, has been beta-tested internally but in limited circumstances
  • Scheduled Release, typically 1-2 weeks of Rapid Release running on a wide variety of deployments with no problem reports

By default, our installation instructions for ASUS and pfSense® deploy Scheduled Release versions only. However, it is easy to switch to Rapid Release like this:

Step ASUS command to run in ssh pfSense®
Use RR Channel /jffs/scripts/adamone set track testing not required
Install RR version /jffs/scripts/adamone upgrade force /usr/local/bin/adamone-upgrade test

On pfSense® this is a one-time Rapid Release.
On ASUS it will automatically get new RR versions.