If you are seeing this page, your connection is unfiltered

When I try to access (http://mytools.management/) I get an empty page with If you are seeing this page, your connection is unfiltered.. This is a total security failure which occurred without any notification to an administrator:

  1. I think that when this condition occurs an alert should be sent.
  2. I do not know how to correct the condition.

I have rebooted the router, and have confirmed that AdamOne sees it:

Last seen less than a minute ago
2/8/2024, 11:14:57 AM
4.10.0-1 | 14.0-CURRENT

My traffic log at http://my.ip.ad.dr/log shows only allowed traffic. The domain log is blank. There absolutely is traffic that should be blocked, but it is being allowed. I’ve made no changes in configuration to either AdamOne or to the router.

I need to know how to begin to resolve this situation or if there is something going on beyond my control.

Well, I did read [Not blocking sites (Starlink - Whitelist)](https://troubleshooting 1009) and saw a statement that the DNS Resolver was on. I checked my router, and for some reason it was on. I don’t recall doing that, but, IDK. I have been updating its firmware whenever a new version comes out, so I don’t know if there is a possibility it flipped at that point or not. (I’m running ’ 2.7.0-RELEASE (amd64)'. Anyway, now the situation is resolved. :laughing: