Improvement Ideas

Good evening. I love the software and would like to suggest a few things to consider.

Allow to turn on ai whitelisting on a per policy basis. IE (guest policy so they cant request unblocks) and also on a per device basis.

Also a few option for rules and policies.

1 Turn a rule on or off for all or select policies instead of having to go through each policy whenever a new rule is created to turn it on.
2 Copy policies for quick creations of new or duplicate policies


Hi Victor, I am glad to hear you are liking this software.

All of these options are on our roadmap, but it will be a while until we are able to release any of them since we are currently working on some large backend changes.

Regarding the new AI Inspector, are there some websites that we can test to see if it works properly?
Also, will there be an option to turn such categories mentioned on and off according the the needs of the network? ie: block all but leave games allowed, etc


First, I really love this product been very happy with it and no issues at all.

Right now the Blacklist Policies can only have one option “Select a DNS forwarder. All policies using this treatment will be updated.”

It would be awesome if we could match our policies with Blacklist policies in DNSTHINGY/ADAMONE so we could have separate forwarders instead of being forced to one forwarder.

Right now I have 5 policies in Cleanbrowsing I cannot use out of the 6 I have set up because the blacklist policy only allows 1 forwarder.


P.S. I love ADAMONE/DNSTHINGY! :smile:

Would it be possible to add a feature to the AI inspector that will look for words in the websites it’s searching?

eg: if it finds words that aren’t safe or inappropriate, it will block…unless that would be a problem for news sites…

Hey Victor, it would be possible for us to do that for words that appear on the home page. It would not be completely reliable but nothing else is either. I’ll add that idea to our internal tracker.


Well I had to switch over to blacklist only a while ago…the whitelisting AI simply didn’t work properly…or well enough…or wasn’t figured out yet…is it any better? does it still take forever to load a new website??? does the block page still not show up on mobile devices??

Here are my wish list for adam:ONE

  1. Full authoritative DNS Server functionality
  2. MULTI-WAN support (not failover)
  3. Local per device/user site logs for at least 90 days as required by some countries
  4. Availability of domain checking tool to let IT quickly check which category a domain falls to when blocked.
  5. Show block pages even on HTTPS sites (the logs shows that the website has been blocked so a redirect page stating the reason for the block is necessary).
  6. The ability to block all of Ads (youtube, facebook, etc.) without installing third party applications.
  7. A way to easily copy/duplicate policies
  8. Active Directory integration that allows applying a policy per username rather than per device.
  9. Custom redirect page/url when a site is blocked
  10. More details on the block page e.g. device name, device ip address, mac address (user name)