Install adam:ONE on Asus Routers

adam:ONE® (version 3) installation is no longer available.

Please visit adam:ONE® (version 4) installation steps.

Here are the key improvements from version 3 (dnsthingymgr/anmgr) to version 4 (anmuscle):

  • Firmware is now simply Merlin (for any/all supported and stable versions)
  • Version 4 software installation is via external USB storage and makes use of startup script capabilities
  • DNSharmony® features (combine publicly-available threat intelligence by utilizing multiple DNS filters concurrently)
  • adam:ONE® software can now upgrade independently of firmware upgrade (for support, Merlin firmware version has to be the stable branch)
  • adam:ONE® version 4 on ASUS now has two channels: Testing and Release

If your existing router with version 3 is listed for version 4 support, you may upgrade by simply installing version 4 from