IP address issues

Has anyone experienced a device that has not been added to a policy receiving the IP address of another device that has already been added, and then the device that has already been added takes on the identity of the one that hasn’t been added, causing it to not behave as the policy it is actually on tells it to behave?

Yes, I’ve seen that behaviour more than once. In fact checking in our system I see it’s happened again recently. Presume this is a bug that needs the developers to quash.

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Yes there is a bug related to network devices that don’t have a real MAC address such as VPN devices.
This is being actively worked on, we’ll update this thread when there’s an update.

The devices do have a MAC address.

It’s almost like the system confuses itself when a different MAC gets the same IP as another device.

Hi Victor, this issue should be resolved now.

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