Is 6,000 closed unblock requests a lot?

I estimate I have about 6,000 closed unblock requests listed.

Is that a lot?

Should I delete them all from time to time? Or just ignore them?

For me, that’s a lot to check and categorize one by one. If there’s no persistent requests from clients to open those sites, I believe you can just delete it unless you figured out a site should be allowed otherwise.

Thanks - but I’m talking about the “closed” unblock requests. I clicked on the 100+ Closed at the top right.

I see, for those sites in the Closed category that is a helpful way to track what actions you’ve done for any unblock requests after you’ve decided to either Reject, Forget or add to a list. It can serve as evidence, other than that, if it’s too many already and is affecting your browsing experience in Adam:ONE dashboard, I believe there’s no harm deleting.

Having them on the Closed category will give an additional message to the users if you reject the request. When they try to access it again, Adam:One will inform them that “The unblock request has been rejected”. Hence, Adam:ONE now knows how to deal with that site. If you delete it in the Closed section, you will see it again in the Open request tab when a user requests to Unblock it again, requiring another action from you.

Just sharing my thoughts. Adam:ONE team may have a different response than mine.

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That’s a great response @edanpedragosa
I normally leave them in closed requests until it grows so large that it takes a long time to load, and then I’ll usually reset it to make it easier to work with.

Thanks @edanpedragosa and @arthur. So, there’s benefit in leaving them alone. Ok, will do.