Is there any way to find out why common sites are being blocked by DNS harmony?

Here are examples of 2 normal sites that are being blocked by DNS Harmony.
These are normal sites but are being blocked. Can I find out why? or can I find out which org that has flagged these?

Blocked by list Upstreams [CleanBrowsing Security Filter, CleanBrowsing Family Filter], Rule [DNSharmony], Policy [Default Policy]

Blocked by list Upstream [ for Families], Rule [DNSharmony], Policy [Default Policy]

Hey @r.desmarais
As you can see in the log the first was blocked by CleanBrowsing and the 2nd was blocked by

For Cloudflare, see and it looks like they tagged it with “CIPA Fitler” which is why it’s being blocked.
If you believe that’s incorrect they have an option there to submit feedback.

For CleanBrowsing, their backend is which does not show any issues for and from my test it’s not getting blocked right now. Any chance that domain is working for you now? It’s possible they already fixed their categorization.

Thanks for the information.

I submit feedback to cloudflare and they re-classified the site without the CIPA.
The second site, as you said, is no longer blocked.

Thanks again!

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