Mass Delete Devices in a Policy | 🚀 Launched


How can I mass delete devices in a policy?

I have a default policy named Unregistered Devices with 2170 devices in it, I don’t have any option to delete all devices in that policy all at once.

It is literally slowing down the dashboard as well.

Any way other than ticking the devices one by one in Batch Edit mode?

Thanks again in advance!

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Hi @edanpedragosa here’s a little bit of a hack for you. When you are on the Devices page do a search for something that includes the devices you want to select.
Then open the browser developer console and run this script in the console box.

var scope = angular.element(document.querySelector('.host-filters').parentElement).scope()

It’s also possible to select absolutely everything with.

var scope = angular.element(document.querySelector('.host-filters').parentElement).scope()

But otherwise you’re right we don’t have a way in the UI to do what you want at the moment. If it’s OK with you I’ll move this post to the feature requests page so others can vote on this as well.

This can now be done on the new Devices page, so I’ll mark this one as launched.

Thank you so very much!