Messed up installation; didn't get Box ID

I executed the installation command too early, before I read enough. So I didn’t note the Box ID. I couldn’t find any way to get it. I searched, but found nothing useful for my situation (everything says to get it from the dashboard, but I hadn’t entered it).

Then I tried to uninstall Adam:ONE (assuming I’d get another ID), but it asked for a “y or n” confirmation and I couldn’t find any way to enter it. I allowed popups, that didn’t work. Tried another browser, didn’t work either.

Hi welcome to the forum @Fred_H
So there’s two things you can do as I see you have a pfSense router.
From a command prompt run the command

adamone-setup boxid

Or check the contents of /usr/local/etc/adamone/anmuscle.conf

Both will show you your Box ID.

Thank you, atw. That worked.

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