MSP Usage And Pricing

Trying to wrap my head around pricing for the adam:ONE product line with respect to my MSP. Lets say I had 10 clients and each client had 2 branches (20 physical locations with their own respective internet routers). According to the web page the business subscription is $99/Month. Should I assume that the price to the MSP is $99 * 20 / Month ?

Also, is it possible to have 1 dashboard for all my clients or do I need 1 dashboard per client? So if I wanted to whitelist an IP, can I just do that once across the board for all my clients?

Is there an API we can access to integrate with our other products?

How does adam:ONE work with respect to the mobile workforce that aren’t behind the conventional router?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @bc24fl and great questions. I’ll summarize a quick response but if you’d like to speak to the sales team please send an email to

Each instance of adam:ONE requires a subscription. And usually you’d have an instance on each location and sometimes two if you want HA.

Our Dashboard supports users having access to multiple clients, and each client can have multiple networks.
Rules can optionally be shared across clients and are automatically shared within networks of a parent client account.
This means you can have one general whitelist that you can add to all of your clients. In fact we recommend having a shared blacklist as well in case you quickly want to do an emergency block for everyone that you manage.

When you’re talking about integrating with other products, the main thing we have is a syslog JSON feed that you can ingest using something like Graylog. What specific scenarios of integration did you have in mind?

For mobile workforce it does require users to be on a VPN, and usually you’d have some kind of MDM to deploy and enforce the VPNs. You can do this by configuring a VPN server on your client’s on-prem router or we do also offer adam:GO as a managed service for mobile devices.

Hi htere, bc24fl

Best would be for you to connect with Stan from our team. I’ll DM you with his contact.