Hi! How is everything going?

I just want to follow-up as to when MULTIWAN on PFSENSE can be supported by adam:ONE?

Bumping up! Any possibility of this happening soon?

Hey @edanpedragosa, we supports multi-WAN when configured on a system level but not on a firewall rule level.

“On a system level” meaning? Can you please explain more? Does this mean it can support load-balancing on multi-wan setup now?

Sure, whatever you can set under System / Routing / Default gateway (for default IPv4 and default IPv6) is what will be used for traffic allowed by DTTS.

Oh, so that means it still can’t do multi-wan load balancing then. I hope you can implement multi-wan with load balancing support at least on PFSense. This will help us eliminate additional server to manage.

@edanpedragosa just to give you a quick update, in speaking to our dev team it appears due to how DTTS is implemented in the firewall it will be too much overhead on the system to implement support for this. But if we ever re-design it, this will certainly be considered.