No Traffic log 4.8.1

Hi why dont i get the traffic log in the dashboard after the 4.8.1 upgrade?
domain log works

It has been turned off by default. Just ask support to turn it back on for you.

On pfSense, you edit /usr/local/etc/adamone/anmuscle.conf file and comment out the suppression like this:


Save the change and then restart the service with Diagnostics → Command Prompt:

service restart

Any particular reason this is enabled on v3 but disabled on v4 by default? In v4 the fact the menu item is still shown but doesn’t work until manually enabled in the file makes one think that it’s a bug.

A packet filter adds resources to the system, and in networks with an under-powered gateway, the packet filter alone can cause a constraint. That’s why it’s off by default.

Thanks David, the off as default logic makes good sense, albeit a U-turn from V3, and potentially a feature not used very often.
From a user’s perspective what qualifies as under-powered? I don’t recall any steps in the instructions (pfsense at least) to qualify if the gateway has sufficient horsepower for Adam:ONE. Maybe a small one to consider in the next documentation update? Hope that’s a useful thought.

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