OpenVPN to DNS Server


I have tried to force the VPN to use the DNS which uses the same IP, i am using a single WAN for this but when i force IP of the pfsense through the openvpn no dns will resolve.

If i just put the pfsense ip into my normal network adapater it works fine.

There is no firewall rules that would block this, i have set an any:any rule just in case, all i can think its some weird nat routing maybe? there are some rules that goes

Any help would be great.

Welcome to the forums Chris.
Would you mind posting some screenshots of your settings, especially your VPN server settings.


Here my VPN settings, this is just a POC setup currently, if i hard set for example as the DNS in the vpn settings it works fine, but when i use the server ip as the DNS in VPN it doesnt work, but if i use the server IP as the dns on my local connection it works fine - so im thinking it maybe a loop or weird nat port routing.

Ok I see. It appears your DNS server is running on a public IP. Our system assumes that you will be using an rfc1918 (aka private) IP address.
You will have to uncheck the option under Services / adam:ONE to automatically manage firewall rules, and then disable or remove the OpenVPN port forward for port 53.
Or use a private IP for your DNS server.