Per-device DNSBL whitelist override?

I recently discovered pfblockerng on pfsense and have been enjoying freedom from oppressive injected content when browsing. Sadly, I see that some services like ebates (rakuten) apparently require unblocking ad / tracking sites, so my current setup is inconvenient for shoppers. I know that I can whitelist in pfblockerng, and, for example, rakuten publishes a whitelist ( ), and I’m sure I could whitelist as needed, but with pfsense, AFAICT whitelists affect the entire network behind the router.

pfblockerng is presently using various DNSBL Groups and Categories it makes easy to access. I rather assume, please correct me if I’m wrong, that Adam:ONE, does the same thing… so one doesn’t have to hunt down block lists individually.

What initially triggered interest in Adam:ONE is that it purportedly supports more fine grain control over DNS filtering, even perhaps allowing for device-specific filter schedules and so on. I have a couple home grown block lists that I would like to automatically enable/disable on a schedule.

With this shopping/whitelist issue, I now wonder if Adam:ONE support per-device DNS filter whitelisting so I could, for example enable/disable whitelists on a device-specific level.

As the feature list says “Manual Whitelisting - Allow any specific device to only go where you tell it to”, it seems likely to be possible to do something along the lines I describe, but is it possible to schedule or turn such device lists on/off without having to delete/re-create them, and, is it possible to set this up on a schedule? Is any of the functionality behind higher levels of service than “essential”?

Does anyone have experience or knowledge about this sort of thing?

Just go to “policies”, create a new policy and then assign the devices to the policy on the Devices Tab.