PFSense Captive Portal - Will it work with Adam:ONE?

Hi! I haven’t tried it but I’m just wondering if Adam:ONE will work fine with PFSense captive portable enabled on the same server? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Sorry for the delay in response.

Yes, it will work. I have done it on 1 personally and it worked without any issues.

thanks for confirmation @JacoKamffer but I can also confirm @edanpedragosa that it works in modes where the Guest WiFi/Captive Portal can be provisioned without receiving adam:ONE treatment. In such a case, you want to use unbound (Services → DNS Resolver), but have it listen only on the interface dedicated to the portal. Additionally, Services → adam:ONE should exclude the guest wifi interface. If you run the sockstat |grep \:53 command, you will then see unbound listening on the guest wifi interface and anmgr listening on other interface(s).