Policy page load time extremely slow

I’m sure I am not revealing anything new here when I say the load times for the policies section of the dashboard are extremely slow. On average its between 13s - 15s for me. I would think this it totally dependant on the amount of rules/subscriptions you have within your dashboard.
The subscription page of the dashboard take at minimum 19s to load.

This used to not be the case at first. That might have been because there were not as my rules/subscriptions available at the time.

I mean there has to be something that can be done to solve this issue.

Is there something that is being worked on to improve this? If it is, then there should be some type of open dialog with how progress is being made. This goes for many feature requests.

I have suggested a service such as canny.io before were users can interact and be in the know on feature requests, and their progress etc.


I’ve noticed this lately too.

Hello @williamhofer,

As you guessed, this does depend on the amount of rules and subscriptions on the dashboard. We are currently working on an overhaul of our backend. This is a large project, but in the end it will improve the efficiency of our services and make it easier to implement new features.