Push Notifications for unblock page

When will the push notifications as per the end of this video become a reality?

It seams like it has been in the works since the creation of this video. (2017)

It is pretty painful for iOS users to have to Remove the “s” especially if you have fat finger.

Bump. Must have this feature…

Bump. Hope this can get added.

Also a tool to check where a particular domain is categorized/filtered/blocked from within the dashboard is good too.

Hi there, guys.
This is now solved for iOS and iPadOS with the adam:ONE® assist extension.

Francois we are all using the iOS extension but it needs to be better. The fact that we can’t get back to our Google search results from a block page is a very bad user experience. The extension needs to somehow prevent a redirect for five seconds after the request unblock has been submitted. That way we could get back to our search results.

We are also hoping for a way to unblock dependencies of a website without actually visiting a block page. This could come up as a push notification or something. An entry that’s repeatedly red should pop up to the user. Maybe. I could see some issues with that…. But they could be remedied.

Hi, N.

You can go back to your search results by long-press on the Back button on mobile Safari. Just slide your selection to the search results listed in your history displayed by the long-press and it will jump back to it.