Quick Method to Toggle Rules on a Policy | 🚀 Launched

It would be nice to have a interactive interface specifically for feature requests such as Canny.io were users can see what has been requested and contribute new ideas there.

With around 100 rules to turn on or off within one policy, one feature I wouldn’t mind seeing in the dashboard is either to be able to turn all Rules ON within a policy and turn the ones you don’t want OFF or be able to go to a Rule and select all the policies you would like it turned on for.

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Second that.

Great idea.

Yep I agree as well. It’s something we’ll probably setup once the new version of our Dashboard is launched.

@williamhofer you may already be aware that we have a new feature on the Dashboard where at the bottom right of the page you should see a link that says “Manually Save” which will allow you to quickly toggle on/off many rules without waiting for each of them to save, and then when finished you just need to click Save at the bottom of the page.

I will leave this feature request open as the option to enable it on policies from the rule itself is also being considered.