Recommended Current Router

I am looking to purchase a router and install AdamNetwork. However, most of the routers listed in the Guide are unavailable for purchase in Canada.

My questions:

  1. The one router I can locate is the ASUS RT-AX88U Pro. Is this one supported as essentially the same router as the RT-AX88U?
  2. Is there a recommended router that is generally available?
  3. There are additional models on the asuswrt.merlin website which are not on the AdamNetwork post that would currently work?

Hi @Silvertip thanks for asking, I just updated to include ASUS-RT-AX88U Pro and others. The Merlin firmware for it is here. That makes our list up-to-date as it relates to current Merlin support.

We don’t have any specific recommendation as it often depends on your usage scenario. However, we are pleasantly enjoying the longevity of the AC68U which appears to have had the longest lifecycle of any ASUS product. Not for high-end WiFi performance, but for any <1Gbps internet connection in a home environment, it is great value for the money.

It is going to be for a home network. I was hoping to get something with WiFi 6 for the extra range boost due to some devices in a detached garage and better usage with more devices. As such, the RT-AX58u generally pops up in searches. However, the only option that I can buy/ships is the quad-core option. I do notice that there is no exclusion of the quad-core version from the Merlin site, is there a reason for that difference?

Sorry @Silvertip I’m not sure why the quadcore is not listed on Merlin as incompatible but we’ve never been able to flash a quadcore with Merlin which triggered our notice.

@Silvertip I should point out that on About | Asuswrt-Merlin it does specifically list RT-AX58U V1 which technically does exclude the V2 version.