Remote devices connected via VPN


I have a goal of connecting our student’s devices to our school network via VPN but it seems that the macaddress of the device is not visible. Is there any way for this to work?

The only way for it to work for now is to set a default internet access level. We cannot categorize the connection as it says MAC: Unknown and Name: Other Networks.


Hi @edanpedragosa
The MAC address is layer 2 which is not applicable to VPNs which is why this is what you are seeing.
Our current solution is to assign your VPN devices static IPs and add them to the Dashboard using fake MAC addresses which allows them to be separated and individual policies applied.

Yes, that’s why one item on my wish list is to be able to authenticate users against active directory.

Is there an option say:
— If a client is on local network - apply set policy
— If a client is on an unknown network, e.g. VPN - apply a different policy other than the default policy

Also, in the ADAM GUI under the devices page, is it possible to not group unknown devices so we can still at least categorize them according to assigned IP? We have different subnet assigned to students connecting via VPN.

Thanks again for your help in advance!