RFI: upgrade, ASUS or pfSense

Prompted by the 4.7.2 release, I’ve decided I’m ready to retire my RT-AC3200 and looking for suggestions for upgrade for my home network. Apart from Adam One, I was hoping to support self-hosted VPN and move away from Nord. So, if you had a $350 budget would you look to pfSense on SG3200 or consider something from Asus (RT-AX88U, RT-AC5300, RT-AC86U,…)? I appreciate your input

I prefer pfsense for my personal use. Start with asus moved to pfsense on a self built pc with 2 nic’s. Pfsense has more functionality that you can use vs asus. Has a vpn server built in as well. For example what I have done on pfsense, is have separate lan’s for pvt, guests, iot and lab. Currently using a dedicated hardware for firewall (SHIELD-D-4L | Centurion Micro Electronics).

Keep in mind if you do go with the sg3200, you will need ap’s to give wifi to the house.

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