Ring video doorbell Live View

Just thought I’d take advantage of the collective wisdom to see if anyone running AdamOne v4 on pfSense has had success getting the LiveView feature of the Ring Video doorbell working? From what I can tell from the logs, no firewall rule is blocking traffic, nor URLs being blocked by AdamOne, but still no joy. The basic doorbell functionality is fine and rings a Ring chime reliably and alerts in their app/web notifications. It’s just the live view that’s not working.
I suspect this is more of an pfSense issue (NAT? DNS? SIP?), but any advice from anyone who’s done it would be appreciated.
I know Ring is “IOT rubbish”, but its for a residential application and none of the doorbell solutions on the market is ideal.
If this is too off-topic, admins do delete and let me know. Thanks!

I don’t have a ring device to test, but what I’d do in your case is under Diagnostics /. Packet Capture run a capture on the doorbell’s IP address, and open the capture in WireShark to see what’s not getting through.

Thanks Arthur. I had a go at capturing and reviewing in Wireshark after your excellent suggestion, but not knowing Wireshark well it was too tricky to interpret.
Further inspection of the firewall log with repeated testing revealed all the ports used, including one not documented on Ring’s website allowing the rules to be refined, and so far so good. They don’t make it easy. Thanks again!