Router offline - Knowledge Base doesn't help

I am running pfsense 2.5.1-RELEASE** (amd64) on protectli hardware.

Considering the KB:

If your router is showing as offline, this means it is no longer connecting to your dashboard in the cloud.

Here are some reasons you may be experiencing this issue:

  1. Your Internet is down.
  2. Your router has been unplugged.
  3. There may have been a configuration change made on the router that is preventing it from fully functioning.
  4. The USB storage device has been unplugged from the router - when using this method for installation.

My internet isn’t down.
My router isn’t unplugged.
No configuration changes other than to an unrelated pfsense firewall schedule since it was last online.
USB storage is irrelevant to this installation.

anmgr is running.
Public IP on running anmgr processes is correct.

How does anmgr connect to the dashboard?

@kbulgrien try going to the Status / Services menu and stop/start the anmgr service.
Normally it self recovers if there was an issue but we had an issue with our controller yesterday for a short period of time and it’s possible that the service running on your box didn’t reconnect as expected.

The way anmgr connects to the Dashboard is by checking in to the controller via an HTTPS request a couple times per minute.

A manual anmgr restart, as suggested, did result in the Dashboard showing Online status again.