RT AC3200 rebooting under load

Hi, I have an Asus RT AC3200 running 384.13_1.5.5. About three days ago I enabled Traffic Analyzer. This seemed to run fine until this morning when the router when into a reboot loop. I imagine it was either ram or cpu pegged. Thankfully I was able to disable the traffic analyzer in between one of the reboots and it seems stable now. But, I’d really like to monitor the traffic usage. My first question - is there a way to know from the system log what issue caused the reboots? More importantly, looking for suggestions on how to prevent the reboots to begin with, whether CPU or ram.

Have a few clients under “Block the bad” profile and some under “allow only the good”

I did a 30-30-30 reset and re-enabled traffic analyzer and it seems fine for nwo. System Status shows 20 connected clients, 3 hardwired, 7 on 2ghz and rest on either 5ghz. CPU seems stable w/ Core 1 and 2 low usage. RAM used is 158MB and 98MB free.

When we have run into these kinds of issues during development we have not been able to find any useful information in the logs.

The Asus systems are very restricted in both CPU and RAM. If you want to run additional traffic management software, you would be best off upgrading to a business-grade router such as pfSense.

Thanks for the reply @roger. I figured :confused:

Any suggestions for minimal cost pfSense appliance? The Netgate SG-1100 seems the minimal, but not sure it’s enough even for just a home.

I’m not familiar enough with the pfSense appliances to make a recommendation. Maybe someone else can chime in with their thoughts.

The SG-1100 is good enough, but if you are running something like the DTTS feature or any IDS software, you’ll want at least the SG-2100 which just came out today.

Thanks Arthur. That’s a timely release :slight_smile:

@atw probably noob question, but if I get a pfSense appliance, then I’d lead it do DCHP/Routing and turn RT AC3200 into a wireless access point only then?

Yeah exactly, I would actually install factory ASUS firmware on the AC3200 and configure it in Access Point mode.
And you would connect one of the LAN ports on the AC3200 to a pfSense LAN port.