RT-AX86U download missing - starting muscle... cannot file necessary files. Please reinstall

Dear support,

When will the files to allow reinstall for the RT-AX86U be made available?
The adamone.sh is expecting to find files at https://dl.adamnet.works/adamONE/packages/AsusWRT/rt-ax86u/latest.version.

– Attempting to resolve Muscle not starting

if [ ! -f “${muscle}” -o ! -f “${module1}” -o ! -f “${module2}” ]; then Print “f” “cannot find necessary files! Please reinstall.” “noleadingspaces” Die 1 fi


Hi @Tim_Tracey, the AX86U is in our testing branch - your installation may have been done without the track being set to testing. To allow for the beta version (AX86U support) to run, I would recommend these steps:

/jffs/scripts/adamone uninstall
cd /tmp
curl -L https://adamnet.io/asususbtesting >adamone.sh
chmod +x adamone.sh
./adamone.sh install

After installation, make sure the track is set to testing with this command:

/jffs/scripts/adamone set track testing

That process will make it sticky.


Following your instructions for the AX86U resulted in a successful installation and muscle is running.

Thank you for the quick reply.

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