Safari HTTP/3 support is still experimental but worth it

If you prefer the iOS or macOS Safari browser over Chrome or Chromium-based browsers, and you also use Google Docs or Gmail in the browser, you definitely want to enable this feature.

How to enable on macOS Monterey

Click Safari menu → Preferences and choose the Advanced tab, enable “Show Develop in menu bar”:

Choose the Safari → Develop menu option and then “Experimental Features”:

Scroll down the list to find HTTP/3 and enable it like this:

How to enable on iOS 15

Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features > HTTP/3:

Now all Google QUIC functions are noticeably more responsive in Safari.

Is this being rolled out on chrome browsers also? I was just having an issue this morning, was not loading due to quic protocol error.

Chrome has had QUIC (HTTP/3) support for a while already as it benefited Google product users the most since they were the first to roll it out en masse. YouTube via Safari definitely will work faster with HTTP/3 enabled.

The problem was on chrome on pc. YouTube simply wouldn’t load up. I’ve never seen that before.

That issue would not be related here then.

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