Search bar for red or white listed sites

Wondering if it would be possible too have a search bar for sites that have already been white listed or rejected?
Some sites are rejected that should be in white list and have to select them again and move to white list. For long time users the list can get big.

Windows has a cool feature.

Press F3 while the webpage is open.
A search bar then appears.
Type in whatever you want and you can click the arrows up or down to cycle through all found searches.

This was my feature request way back when it was still DNSTHingy.
A tool similar to searching which policy a device is added to should work a treat.

There I a cool feature in the devices page called filter.

It works the same as the F3 feature.

Start typing the name of the device and it will filter all others out. Then it will only highlight the policy that the devices is in.

Yes, that feature if made available for searching for domains in addition to devices would be great.

@bhillsfarmingco if you’re asking for a search engine like Google but where the result would be narrowed down to just your BrightWeb, that’s a good question with a not-so-good answer: No.

Your query is noted, though, that might be an interesting future investigation though.

I think @bhillsfarmingco is referring to being able to quickly find a domain within the unblock request section of the dashboard under the closed tab.

This list can grow quickly and if a domain gets rejected (which it shouldn’t) then you have to navigate the list to find it and move it back into the open tab.

I’m not sure if this would help but, what I do to find a domain is hit CTRL F on your keyboard which brings up search. I then just start typing the domain and it usually find it pretty quickly.

The CTRL F is for macOS users.

F3 is for windows.