Setting up VLANS via pfsense

hello. I’m in the process of setting up vlans for certain buildings in the network.
i followed a YouTube tutorial to setup the vlan in (interfaces/assignments/vlans) i also setup the DHCP server. but when adding a device on the vlan, it receives no internet connection. and i also cant ping anything on the network? an tutorials? missed steps?

Does the device receive the correct IP from that VLAN?

If it is, and there’s nothing else on that Vlan you shouldn’t be able to ping anything except the IP address of the gateway on that Vlan. That’s the point of the VLAN. To split everything up logically.

And if you set everything perfectly correctly, and you’re still not reaching the Internet, there is a good chance that it is an outbound NAT issue. You need to NAT that VLAN to the WAN.

Did you create firewall rules to allow outbound traffic? I’d also restart the manager, by going to Services>Adam One, Save and apply changes, to make sure Adam listens on the specific VLAN.

Hi, thanks i was able to get it going, by just restarting adam:one and it auto generated the rules