Split-DNS to allow internal and external access to a host

If your site offers a public-facing resource on an internal host, and the resource needs to be accessible both internally as well as externally, you likely need a split-DNS environment.

This can be achieved by utilizing a combination of these services:

  1. Dynamic DNS services including in your Adam Networks subscription (on your dashboard -> Advanced -> Info tab)

  2. Port forwarding from your WAN to an internal LAN host (must be done on your gateway)

  3. Authoritative DNS record on your Adam Networks gateway (can be done on your dashboard -> Rules -> New Authoritative Rule and then must be enabled on relevant Policies)

Let’s say you host https://example.com at the public IP address of which is port-forwarded to an internal host at In order for LAN hosts at 10.11.12.x network to be able to reach example.com at, you need an authoritative DNS record (rule/list) to resolve to