Strange device names

When my devices get added to adam they always grab the ip address by default as the device name until recently. 3 chromebooks I have that previously grabbed the ipv4 address are now grabbing something entirely different. > dhcpcd-6.8.2:Linux-4.19.166-109XX-g7XXXXc7XXXXX:x86_64:GenuineIntel each device is unique which leads me to believe this is a digital fingerprint . These are chromebooks with no linux loaded. I’m not sure if this is a reference to a linux / chromeOS driver for chromebook or fingerprinting?
Is anyone else seeing this in their device names or does anyone have a clue as to why or how its getting this label?

Hi @Bain
That’s interesting I haven’t seen this before. I just replied to your support ticket with some instructions to gather some troubleshooting data. We’ll take a look at it there and post any solution to this forum thread.