StrideLinx VPN router rules and policy

StrideLinx Industrial grade VPN routers are often used by vendors to support IoT equipment remotely. Typically the VPN router’s WAN port is connected on the LAN side of an adam:ONE® site.

Our managed environments have a default quarantine policy called Holding Tank which will prevent the VPN router from phoning home. The following are the steps required to provide the functionality required:

  1. At the adam:ONE® site log into and navigate to Rules → New Rule (list) → type Allowlist (Whitelist) called StrideLinx VPN Router domains and include the following domains (be sure to leave the default to include subdomains:
  2. Create a new Policy of type Allowlist (Whitelist) called VPN Router Policy and turn off all rules but turn on StrideLinx VPN Router domains
  3. Under Devices move the StrideLinx device from the Holding Tank Policy to the VPN Router Policy

StrideLinx VPN connections can now connect.